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Be Careful! What Are You Buying: Did You Know What Does the Stickers On the Fruits Mean?


Be Careful! What Are You Buying: Did You Know What Does the Stickers On the Fruits Mean?

We all have noticed the sticker on fruits in the stores, but
not many people know what meaning it holds. Fruits’ stickers or
labels say lots more than just helping check the price at the
register. It shows how the fruit was grown.

By reading the sticker you will know if the food is organic, genetically
modified or grown with chemical fertilizers. These codes were
controlled by the IFPS (the International Federation for
Produce Standards). What’s more, the use of these codes is
optional, so not all stores have them. They were created to
help the suppliers and retailers with sorting and pricing the
products, not to provide information to buyers.

1. If the sticker has 4 digit code starting with 3 or 4, then
you know the product probably includes artificial fertilizer.
However, there is no need to worry because the levels of
pesticide are low and not harmful.
No matter where the fruit is grown and sold, it always has the
same number. For example, the banana’s number is 4011 all
around the world.

2. The product was cultivated in a traditional way, which means
it is organic if the sticker has 5 digit code starting with
number 9. Moreover, it has no fertilizers and pesticides.

3. If the product has a 5 digit code starting with the number
5, it is genetically modified.

In addition, one more thing you did not know is that the fruit
stickers are not toxic and are edible! You can peel them off,
but if you accidentally eat one, it is not a big deal.

Since the 2009, stores in the USA need to inform customers
about the country of origin of the fruits. So, the fruit
sticker includes the country of origin as well.

Keep this information in mind anytime you go to the store and
choose fruit. And of course, make sure you buy the fruit whose
sticker has 9 as its initial number.

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