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Why You Should Pour Hot Water on Your Apples


Why You Should Pour Hot Water on Your Apples

Fruits are one of the superfoods nature has provided us with.
They resemble candies, if we take into consideration their
sweet flavor.

< However, they do not have a lot in common though. They also provide many vitamins, minerals, and wide-ranging health benefits which are crucial for our wellbeing, unlike candies which have no nutritional value whatsoever. However, the problem is that many fruits are covered with wax which is made from the same ingredient that motor oils come from. Needless to say, this wax has a negative effect on our health.Fruit Wax CoveringsMany farmers and manufacturers cover their fruits with wax in
order to preserve them and extend their shelf life. To do this,
they first remove the natural wax and then coat them in a
petroleum-based wax.

Even though they claim that wax is needed to prevent fungus and
bacteria from building up on the fruits and to preserve them,
this wax also adds color to the fruit and makes it more
appealing. Consequently, people have started wondering whether
using wax covering is really necessary or it is just used to
give the fruit a nicer appearance and thus make us buy more.

Fruit Wax Ingredients

Given the fact that wax is not considered a food ingredient,
companies are not required to reveal its origin. Therefore,
there is a lot of controversy in regard to the ingredients used
to make this wax. Up until now, it has been confirmed that many
of these waxes contain allergens like soy, dairy and gluten.

Additionally, most wax coatings contain fungicides and
preservatives, and even artificial dyes and coloring to make
the fruit more appealing. Most of the dyes used in food
products have been associated with an increased risk of
developing cancer.

How to Avoid Harmful Fruit Wax

Even though most conventional wax coatings contain ingredients
which may pose serious threat to human health, many companies
use wax which is made of all-natural ingredients. Examples of
brands which use natural ingredients include Semper Fresh,
Tal-Prolong, and Syncera.

Organic fruit waxes use ingredients like carnauba wax, wood
resin, and beeswax. Moreover, they don’t contain fungicides,
petroleum-based ingredients and artificial preservatives.

To stay on the safe side and ensure you are getting a fruit
which is not covered in any wax, buy fruit from the farmer`s
market. Moreover, know when the fruit is in season to be sure
that it doesn’t contain any preservatives.

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